How to Decorate with Color When You Can’t Paint

Renting has its advantages at times, but when property owners say “No Painting” and  basic white or off-white is as bold as it gets, you have to use some creativity to brighten up your space.  Here are a few tips that will put some color in your life.

Start with a Colorful Area Rug

The floor is a great place to start.  Choose an area rug that features colors that you wish you could put on the walls.  This playful rug from the Concepts Rug Collection perks up any room.  Even if your floors are carpeted in basic beige, pop the rug on top of it. The room will instantly feel livelier and the rug gives you an inspiration point from which you can draw accent colors. Use these colors for curtains and accessories like picture frames or lamps.  You’ll be surprised how much more alive the room will feel with these vibrant colors included.


Create a Focal Point with Removable Wall Graphics

No matter what your taste or style, you’ll find removable wall graphics are the perfect way to add color and flair to your room.  The wall graphics apply easily and remove safely and quickly without damaging the walls.  Get murals large enough to fill an entire wall or choose simple accents here and there.  There are graphics in contemporary, country, and every design style in between.  These work great to add a coordinating touch to cabinet doors or to frame a window or archway.  The kids love them as well.  You can even get blackboard graphics they can really draw on.  Want something special?  Have your graphics custom made.

Vibrant Accent Pillows Add Pop

A scattering of accent pillows is a great way to bring in pops of color.  Take your cue from the area rug you chose earlier and pick out the colors you want to feature.  These work best on solid color furniture because you can mix and match and change the pillows to change the look of the room.

Paint Your Own Art

This is easier than you may think even if you’re not very artistic.  Go to the hobby store and get a piece of mounted, gesso-covered canvas, poster size or larger. Now select a few bottles of inexpensive colorful acrylic paints in your accent colors and a few brushes of various sizes.  When you get home, streak, dot, or spatter the paints on the canvas creating any design you like. You can even use small paint rollers to design stripes or plaids.  Use removable wall hooks to hang your masterpiece and enjoy the splash of color.

Let Mother Nature Help

If you can’t paint the room, let Mother Nature do it for you.  Fresh flowers and green plants make a room feel alive and living plants help dissipate airborne toxins.  Of course, if you don’t have a green thumb, you may find it safer to substitute silk flowers for the real things.

These are just a few ideas that will help you bring a bland white room to life and give it zest and personality.  Do you have any favorite tricks for adding color without paint?  Why not tell us about them?

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