Decorating Tips that Make the Most of Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces presents big design challenges.  The space needs to be functional, fashionable, and comfortable for family and guests, but you don’t want it to feel cluttered or cramped.  Is it possible to do both?
Don’t worry.  Some simple decorating tricks make your small place look great and let you accomplish all your design goals.  Here are a few tips.

Choose Related Colors

Use colors that are related. You can mix patterns and textures and layers of fabrics, but if they’re all in the same color family, the space feels more harmonious and less chopped up.  In small spaces, light colors like creams and icy blues are good choices because they make the room feel airier and reflect light.

Use Dual Purpose Furniture

One way to stretch a small space is to use furniture that serves more than one purpose.  Your first thoughts may be of sofa beds and that’s a great place to start, but there are lots of other items that do double duty as well.  Lift-top cocktail tables that also have storage are a perfect example.  Not only does this beautiful Harbor Bay table give you a place to store treasures, you can lift the top to lap level.  This transforms an ordinary cocktail table into a game table, a desk for your laptop, craft space, or any tabletop activity.Lift top cocktail table

Look for pieces like extendable dining tables, beds with under bed storage, and small ottomans that serve as both extra seating and have storage space hidden inside.

Go Vertical

Anything that draws the eyes up will make a room feel more spacious.  A wall with vertical stripes of monochrome shades creates an optical illusion that the ceilings are higher.

Don’t forget to take advantage of vertical space for storage as well.  This wall mounted wine rack uses space once wasted but now serves a useful purpose.  The abstract styling of this piece blends beautifully with any decor.

Clear glass floating shelves offer display space without feeling heavy.  They make a perfect place to show off a collection or to organize work or hobby supplies.


wall wine rack


Keep it Light

Lighting plays a critical role in a small space.  Optimal lighting calls for three points of light per room, though you can use more if you like.  Keep the windows clean so the sun shines in and avoid using window treatments that are too heavy and block out the light.  Strategically placed mirrors also help bounce light around the room.

Keep Furniture to Scale

By using furniture designed for small spaces, the room feels more spacious.  You can even get sofa beds that are apartment-sized and work beautifully in compact rooms.  Choose pieces with sleek lines and forego overstuffed chairs or bulky tables. By placing the larger pieces of furniture against the walls, you leave the floor space open and enjoy a more spacious feeling in the room.

Clutter Free Zone

There just isn’t room for clutter in small spaces.  Keep tabletops as clean as possible and be selective when it comes to accessories.  An overabundance of anything, even family photos, quickly eats up space in a small area and leaves it feeling claustrophobic.

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be charming and functional.  Don’t think of them as small spaces, just compact places waiting for big ideas to transform them into a stylish, livable home.

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