Ideas for Furnishing a Den

Dens and bonus rooms are such a great idea. They give extra family space to use as a hobby room, a kids TV room, a spare bedroom or a home office. They don’t have to be the tidiest room in the house, and they are often the most used space of all.

Every room needs some seating. Consider what your den will be used for. If it’s a kid’s playroom or TV room, bean bags are a very versatile idea – and teenagers love lounging in them! They come in all sorts of colors and styles and are a low-cost item. If the den is an occasional guest room, check out the range of sleep sofas. They can be a sofa by day, and a very comfortable guest bed by night, at the pull of a handle! Leather sofas are a good choice for a den. Leather is hard-wearing, stain-resistant (if you wipe off spills immediately!) and it has a very modern, understated look.

Some storage is needed next. How about a funky Spine Book Tower which cleverly stores books and files of all sizes? The Manilla 5-drawer Kitchen Storage rack is a very multi-functional piece of furniture. It is not just for use in the kitchen! It has several display shelves and pull-out baskets for ample storage. The black mesh shelves and rattan drawers will complement any room style and color. Storage chests and trunks have a huge capacity for storing awkward shapes and toys. They can also double-up as extra seating.

If you have sufficient space, consider putting in a snooker/billiard table. They are large and expensive, but are guaranteed to be used almost daily, which makes them better value than a cheaper item that is never touched. 

Computer armoires are a great idea for holding the computer, printer and all the accompanying paraphernalia, but can be hidden behind closed doors at the end of the session, keeping the room neat and tidy. Armoires are great for TVs too!

The den is almost finished. Add some funky artwork, a rug and some cushions and you have the most multifunctional room in the house. Have fun!

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