Rearrange Your Furniture to Suit the Season

While some of us rearrange our furniture every few months, and others haven’t moved the coffee table an inch in 3 years, I fall somewhere neatly in the middle; I am a seasonal rearranger. I do a large scale rearrangement about twice a year –once when the weather turns cool, and once again when it’s warm. This rearranging does bring a fresh look to my home, but the motivation behind it is actually quite simple. The way I use my home in the cooler months and warmer months is quite different, and I have to switch things up a bit to suit those differences.

My home relies on electric heat to keep me toasty during Northeastern winters, which means there are baseboard heating units lining many of the walls. To keep me and my home as safe as we are warm, I must take care to keep furniture and linens from blocking these heating units and posing a fire risk. This results in a less-than-ideal arrangement of furniture and home décor, but alas there is little I can do. Little I can do until spring, that is! Once I know I won’t be using those heating units again for another few months, I eagerly move my furniture into position for spring. With no worry in my way I can stage my home as I truly want to, which is just another reason to love spring! But more than being able to block the heating units, I am also able to embrace the windows.

No, I’m not literally embracing them. Have you ever tried hugging a window? They aren’t good huggers at all! But I do love embracing the light and fresh air they bring in warmer months, which means sliding my chaise lounge away from its winter corner and setting up the most elegant window seat you’ve ever seen! With the curtains pulled back, the breeze blowing in, the sun shining bright, and the music turned up, I can relax here with magazines and my cell phone for hours.

In addition to bringing back my ‘window seat’ every spring, I also let my storage bench and nesting tables switch spots for a few months. During winter months my friends and I play a lot of board games and put together puzzles, all of which are stored inside my storage bench, which resides in the center of the room where it works as a coffee table as well. During summer months we spend more time playing cards and enjoying fruity drinks, so the nesting tables set gets much more use. That comes center stage, the storage bench gets a few months rest, and I get a new look for free!

What rearrangements do you look forward to in the spring and summer? Or are you the type to switch things up more often, or not at all? Let us know in the comments!

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