Fabulous and Fun Chairs in the Cool, Crisp, Sweet Shades of Summer!

I’ve got summer on my mind, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I’m seeing summer everywhere I go, everywhere I look, and in everything I do – and I don’t only mean when I’m turning up the air conditioner in the car! I’ve started seeing summer at work as well, which either means I’m hallucinating or it was here all along and my mind was wearing winter blinders. I’m opting for the latter, as hallucinating sounds all fine and dandy in theory, but I don’t really want to!

So where am I seeing summer in our store? Well, a few different places…

Wholesale Interiors Floral Pattern Chair – To be fair to hallucination as well as winter, the reason I didn’t notice this oh-so-amazing modern club chair until now is because it just came in. But for however new this addition to The Furniture Domain family this may be, it was love at first sight as it instantly worked its way into my all-time favorites. With a big, bold, bursting flurry of modern flowers, and a cool-as-a-cucumber clear frame, this chair is practically begging to be a summery ray of light in homes across the country!

Lumisource Bar Stools – Hello there, Sunshine! It isn’t every day that you see a seriously shiny bar stool in a marvelously modern yellow and chrome combo, but this fun and funky option goes a long way toward proving it might not be a bad idea if it was. While yellow is coming into its own in home décor, finally earning the spotlight it deserves, it does still have that uniquely unexpected edge to it that brings confidence and sunny charm like no other color can.

Swopper Chair – Looking for an office chair that kicks basic black to the curb, opting instead for a wonderful hue of Aqua? Even if you don’t make it to those crystal blue waters this summer, you can help alleviate back pain, strengthen your abs, improve circulation to your legs, and assist lymphatic flow. Oh, and you can do all those things from your desk, simply by switching out your seat for a Swopper chair! It may look like the coolest office chair you’ve ever seen, but there’s a very serious side to this colorful stool, and that serious side can being serious benefits to your body all year long.

Zuo Modern S Chair – Bringing a citrusy shine that reminds me of lime ice pops, this functional work of art is chic, sleek, affordable and fun to look at. Plus, it’s made from a sturdy ABS resin, which means I can simply wipe it off when I inevitably drop my real lime ice pop on it! These are stackable as well, making them easy to move around the house, or even outside on the patio for dinner and drinks on those warm summer nights. To help them keep their vibrant color and preserve them against the elements, we do recommend storing them indoors once the plates and glasses are cleared!

That’s my short list of where I’m seeing summer these days, but we’d love to hear from you! Is a summer state of mind popping up in unexpected places? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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