Animal Print Furniture is Sassy, Sophisticated and Fun!

This past weekend my best friend and I visited another close friend of ours to catch up and have some relaxing fun. With no clear itinerary in place, we talked about what we might do over the coming 3-day weekend while we drove what should have been a 3-hr. drive in just under 6 hrs. (so much holiday traffic!) The usual suspects came to mind – shopping, movies, nice restaurants and chatting over reality television shows. But something we hadn’t thought of until we saw the sign was what turned out to be among the most fun things we did – we went to the zoo! We may have been 3 of only a handful of people visiting the zoo without children in tow, but we had just as much fun as our fellow zoo-goers as we petted the goats and llamas and marveled at the unique beauty of animals we rarely have the opportunity to see. With furniture always on my mind, I began to think of all the fabulous animal print pieces we offer at The Furniture Domain, some favorites of which are…

Tiger Print Chaise Lounge – As if a chaise lounge wasn’t luxurious enough, this stunning option from Armen Living is presented in a terrific tiger print. With warm and wonderful shades of brown, this chaise is far from ordinary, but is (pardon the pun) fairly tame as far as animal prints are concerned! Add it to a bright, bold room for some extra pizzazz, or let it be the star attraction in a more stately room. No matter how you make it work in your home, it will bring the same sumptuously-soft chenille fabric that feels and looks fantastic. Love tiger print but want something smaller? Consider our amazingly-priced Tiger Print Chair from Linon Home!

Powell Accent Table – You might be thinking, “Wait a minute. This accent table doesn’t feature an animal print!” And…you’d be right! So what is it doing in our animal print furniture blog post? If you look closely, you’ll see the “mane” attraction peeking out below the table top. Situated above the artfully-curved legs of the table you’ll find the King of the Jungle – in this case, an antique brass rendition. The lion head detailing adds so much character and class to this table, bestowing even more elegance to an already-sophisticated design. A perfect companion piece to an animal print chair!

Bailey Street Tiga Chair – Bailey Street Trading may have bestowed the name “Tiga” on this high-style chair, but don’t let the name deceive you – it’s all giraffe! An oversized giraffe pattern meets ornately-designed legs and nailhead trim for a look that’s all luxury.

I saved my favorite animal print of all for last…Zebra Print. I’ve always been fascinated by this unique animal with a rock ‘n’ roll edge, and find their fur to be the most stunning in all of the animal kingdom. While I would never wish to own anything made from genuine zebra fur, I most definitely appreciate the pattern used in fabrics. We currently offer a dozen or so zebra print furniture pieces at The Furniture Domain, with my 2 favorites being the Powell Zebra Settee and Powell Zebra Accent Chair.

Enjoying animal print furniture may not capture all the fun of a day at the zoo with fantastic friends, but it comes a lot closer than plaid! 🙂

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