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In this edition of Thomas Herman’s Furniture Blog we tackle an open floor plan. A friend of mine was thrilled that for her first mortgage, her dream of owning an open floor plan came true when she got a loft conversion. The two bedrooms are on the second floor, leaving her with a totally open living space and no idea how to utilize it. Even if lofts aren’t your style, open concept floor plans or great rooms are increasingly common.

We used a rug to make a ‘living room’ facing the entrance door. The rug’s warm blues and deep browns inspired the rest of the color scheme. A sleek two piece sectional of tan, camel, and brown faced forward. The scale of the sectional is fairly large, and a little lower to the ground than your average sofa. The bold richness of the sofa colors and casual style instantly adds coziness. Behind the sectional we placed a decorative trunk which serves as a sofa table, and funkier animal print accent chairs with dark wood detailing. Similar tones, but still its own style, this is another seating area that leads to the dining room. This creates a casual space to read or chat and drink at a dinner party before dinner.


Another rug and wall art will define the ‘dining’ room when she finds the table she wants. She’s deciding what scale and style of table; but she has the basic tips to help the overall space look great when she is done. Remember, regardless of whether you’re creating an entertaining inspired loft or a casual family room for you and the kids, that flow is important. The appeal of an open floor plan is, well, the openness. Using the actual sectional as the primary divider, keeps eye-level totally open and flowing. Different pieces or styles are fine as long as there is some connection. This approach keeps the feel open, with cozy spaces, instead of divided and disjointed.  I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful for keep your open space open yet warm; check back in a couple weeks when we check out green furniture!

– Thomas Herman

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