A Bedroom Armoire Makes Switching Your Seasonal Clothes a Cinch!

If you are like many people who live in areas with several distinct seasons, you likely have more clothing and accessories than your bedroom furniture can handle. Not only does sweaters sharing space with swimsuits make getting dressed in the morning frustrating, it can also lead to us leaving loads of clean laundry in the basket to spare the stress of trying to make it all fit. This then leads to the dreaded laundry basket-induced wrinkles, and the mad dash to find what we want to wear when we had to be out the door five minutes ago! I can’t say I’d give up the enjoyment of four seasons for a better organized closet, but I have taken steps to get my wardrobe woes under control. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do just that? Investing in a bedroom armoire.

My plans for this coming weekend involve doing the seasonal switch – the clothes in the armoire come to the closet, and the clothes in the closet migrate to the armoire. Out with the corduroys, in with the capris! I keep my armoire in a spare bedroom as my own bedroom didn’t have room for an extra piece of large furniture, and I also wanted to mix up the style a bit and opt for an armoire that doesn’t match my bedroom set. I actually love the way it looks in the spare bedroom, so it serves as a design addition as well as extra storage. While I prefer wooden hangers in my bedroom closet, for the armoire I use very thin ‘fuzzy’ hangers that allow me to fit more clothing while still maintaining the shape of my clothes. There’s nothing worse than discovering everything that has been hanging for a season now needs to be washed and/or ironed because it has the dreaded hanger marks on the shoulders!

When the time for the big switch comes this Saturday, I’ll also be sure to have my donation bag ready. I’m sure some of the pieces I thought I’d love this season when I tucked them away last season won’t be making the cut, and I like to get them donated right away to cut clutter before it starts, and determine what new pieces I’ll need to purchase. I try to follow the ‘1 in, 1 out’ philosophy to ensure I don’t over shop, but I can’t make any promises! All I can promise is that my wardrobe armoire will be helping me welcome spring, and spring is so very welcome after such a long winter. 🙂

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