Creating an Amazing Outdoor Space that’s Fresh and Functional

As the sun shines brightly outside, spring thoughts fill my mind and soul with happiness and smiles! I never realize how much I miss the warmth and sunshine until it comes back, and from that moment on all I can think about is ways to spend as many minutes outside as possible. (Note: I’m terrified of bears, so sleeping is an inside deal regardless of the weather!) I’m lucky enough to have a front porch that is perfect for sipping iced tea and flipping through magazines, though it doesn’t offer the privacy of my previous home’s outdoor setup. And unfortunately, my back ‘patio’ is little more than a few concrete slabs, which doesn’t leave me much room to create an outdoor oasis. But when it comes to decorating, where there is a will there is most certainly a way! And a way is precisely what I made. 🙂

When you’re working with a small space, it’s more important than ever to clean it up to maximize its appeal and give yourself as much room as possible to work with. I took a peek at my little patio this past weekend, and quickly realized next weekend will involve at least an hour of sweeping and scrubbing. Since I last enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in early fall, there has been quite an accumulation of leaves, dirt, and general debris. My plans are to set the iPod to something upbeat, and get to work! Once I’ve given my space a thorough sweep and simple scrub with warm water, I’ll tackle the mountain of ‘how did I get all of this in here’ in the garage.

When choosing outdoor furniture for your space, there are a few things to consider: size, budget, and how you’ll use your space. While it may seem you’ll want to add as much seating as possible, if you’ll be primarily enjoying the space alone, skip the smaller chairs and treat yourself to a larger piece that seats one or two people comfortably. If you’ll be hosting small get-togethers with 4 or more people, more seating will be necessary for comfort and function. For single seating, we love the Zuo Modern Palm Outdoor Chaise. All you’ll need for seriously relaxing Saturdays is the chaise, the Algarve Outdoor Side Table, your beverage of choice, and a desire to put the stresses of the week behind you!  As an added benefit, this chaise comes with built-in sun protection, letting your body soak up some rays while keeping your face covered.

If you’ll be creating a party patio, consider seating that fosters the vibe you want for your space. If you’re looking for something minimalist and modern that’s also cozy and cool, the Zuo Modern Naples set is perfect for you. This all-inclusive outdoor furniture set features four sleek, cushioned armchairs with matching ottomans (can also be used as extra seats!) and a stunning glass-topped table. The ottomans neatly tuck beneath the chairs when not in use, allowing you to securely store them while still enjoying the chairs if there isn’t room for both at a given get-together. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, consider the amazingly chic Lumisource Dahlia Chairs, available in black, white, green and red. Need 4 chairs? Grab 1 in every color! At just $83.49 apiece, you can outfit your patio with 4 chairs and an outdoor Teak Wood Table for around $400 total.

What are your plans for your outdoor space this year? We’d love to hear from you with tips, ideas and inspiration in the comments!

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