Fabulous Furniture for Party People!

There are people living among us that are natural hosts and hostesses. Their parties always have the tastiest food, most innovative drinks, most varied and entertaining guest list, and they miraculously never run out of ice. I am not one of these people. I run out of ice all the time. I’m out of ice right now, and no one is even at my house. But while I may not have been born one of these people, I’m doing my best. I’m trying to be. I want people to leave my parties smiling while thinking to themselves, “Now that was a fun night! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!” I want them to drop any and all other plans they might have when they get my invite! So what am I doing to make my World’s Best Hostess dreams come true? For starters, I’m focusing on what I do know. And what I do know is furniture!

I know that furniture alone does not make a party amazing. I’ve been to many amazing parties where the furniture was an upside-down Rubbermaid container, and I’ve been to many awful parties when the furniture was simply gorgeous. But while I’m not relying on furniture alone, I do recognize a good piece of hostess furniture when I see it. And we happen to have a few of those pieces on TheFurnitureDomain.com!

Powell Serving Trolley – This ingenious little mobile drink table actually has 3 built-in bottle holders. Perfect for a wine night with your best girls and guys, this brings a sophisticated vibe and clever design.

Bailey Street Chardonnay Table – Want the perfect complement to the table above that stores bottles? How about this lovely table that stores wine glasses! Artfully scalloped edges help protect your floor from any accidental spills, while the overall look simply drips with elegance.

Fuf Chairs – I’ll never forget the way my mother would cringe when my brother, sister and I sat on the arms of chairs. It was as if she could envision the arm snapping off, breaking the chair and sending us flying across the room. As adults, most of us know better than to sit on the arm of a chair, but at a packed party with limited seating, sometimes we do things we know better than to do. Help your chairs and sofas keep their arms intact by adding a Fuf chair or two to your home! Even if there are too many people for the Fuf, they’re comfortable to lean against on the floor. Just make sure the people sitting on the Fuf know you’re behind them!

Zuo Modern Nesting Tables – As important as it is to ensure everyone has a comfy place to sit, it’s also important to give them somewhere to set their snacks and drinks. Nesting tables are a great option for tripling the table space in your home in an instant. Don’t need all those tables all the time? Tuck the smaller two tables away again when the last guest leaves without taking up an extra inch of space.

Invest in a Hall Bench – Chances are a coat rack won’t cut it if you’re having more than a handful of guests, but you also might not want guests throwing their coats on your bed, as many people do. A hall bench is perfect for parties! And it makes a nice place to put on your shoes and drop your own coat the rest of the time, too. Simply have guests lay their coats on top just like they would a bed, and when they’re ready to leave their coat will be right by the door. It’s convenient for them, and lets you maintain the privacy of your bedroom – a win-win!

Each of these pieces works well as everyday furniture too, but really gets a chance to shine when you’re hosting a gathering. Hope you find something you love as much as I do, and for all my fellow struggling hosts and hostesses – we’ll get there! Practice makes perfect, which means we just have to throw more parties. Oh, darn! 😉

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