Creating A Room of One’s Own: Furniture, Fresh Flowers and Freedom

In Virginia Woolf’s famous essay, A Room of One’s Own, she speaks of a woman’s need to have the freedom only money and a room of her own can provide if she is to be a fiction writer. While this may seem specific, the more general and important message of the essay is that women had historically been unable to write, or express themselves creatively, intellectually and fully in many ways, not due to anything lacking within them, rather that their lives simply did not permit this luxury. They had not money, space or time to call their own, and thus with very few exceptions, their stories went to the grave with them.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is men and women alike who are suffering from this lack of time, money, and moments alone. Work, family and household demands easily fill the better part of the day, and with the little time we have left we often sink into the sofa for a favorite flick or television show, or wile away some time on the internet. Before you know what happened, it’s time to get some sleep and start all over again in a few hours. For those with writerly ambitions, those thoughts often never make it to paper or the computer screen. Their stories never get told either. But what’s an aspiring writer to do? Make it happen.

I understand that making it happen is much easier said than done, but without a little effort it simply won’t come to fruition. If you don’t have a lot of time, money or even space to work with, think small. Maybe you can’t create A Room of One’s Own, but A Corner of One’s Own might work! For very tight spaces, Laptop Stands work perfectly, whether you write on a computer or paper. If you want more of a traditional look and feel, this Office Star Desk makes for a beautiful choice, while this unique Library Desk gives you some room to surround yourself with pictures, books and knick-knacks that inspire you while still keeping a low profile.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect desk for your style and writing style, consider the little things that will make it an inviting and inspirational place to write. I find that adding flowers or plants nearby makes me feel calm and collected, while little trinkets I’ve collected over the years keeps the creativity flowing. Color can also influence the way you feel, and even if painting the walls isn’t an option, you can bring color into play with little whatnots: the color of a notebook or folder, picture frame, coffee cup, etc. The goal isn’t to create what everyone would imagine an ideal writing nook, rather something that brings out the best in you; something that calls to you and says, “Ignore the TV tonight. Give me an hour here, and an hour there, until everything you’ve been meaning to write is written. And then mean to write some more, and do so here. In this room of your own.”

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