Black and Yellow Furniture Adds a Powerful Pop to Any Room!

I must admit that the spark for the idea of a black and yellow room came from Wiz Khalifa’s song “Black and Yellow”, which just like so many other millions of people, I can’t seem to get out of my head! I was sprucing up our site a bit with Wiz on repeat, filling my headphones with black and yellow and even more black and yellow, when I stumbled across our black and yellow Lumisource Puzzotto Ottoman. I couldn’t help but chuckle, imagining how well the puzzle piece ottoman would ‘fit in place’ at Wiz’s home. Then I started hunting around our site for more black and yellow furniture, and quickly discovered that these 2 colors I hadn’t give much thought to in the décor realm work really well together – and I’m not even a Steelers fan! (Nothing against Steelers fans; I just tend to follow HGTV’s design shows closer than football.) 🙂

There’s something so strong about black and yellow together that is striking and fresh. Plus, it reminds me a bit of bumblebees, which remind me of spring, which reminds me of ‘Yay, spring is almost here!’ If black and yellow is something you might want to bring into your home, whether it reminds you of Wiz Khalifa, the Steelers, bumblebees, or you just plain like it, I’ve scoured our site for some wonderful pieces to consider!

Lumisource Bar Table – This funky and affordable table (about $82) actually lights up! The sleek, modern design looks much more expensive than its modest price tag, and would look amazing with a set of these Createch Chairs in a charcoal or textured black metal finish with black wood.

Southern Enterprises Lamp – For an elegant way to add black and yellow to your home, consider this stunning lamp from Southern Enterprises. A beautiful, gold/yellow shade is accented with rich, black velvet, creating a classic look that works well for the living room, bedroom and beyond! Want one at each end of the sofa? We think they’d look absolutely stunning atop these Bailey Street tables, conveniently sold in sets of 2.

Adding Black and Yellow…and Blue…and Green…and Red…and more! – If your walls need a serious injection of color and black and yellow alone are not enough, consider this Abstract Wall Art from Southern Enterprises. The bold, radiant colors make a substantial statement for any room, with lines that leave the art looking as though it’s in motion. At under $100, this is a budget-friendly way to add a lot of design bang for your buck!

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