Furniture That Helps Create a Home Wherever You Roam!

Some of us are ‘movers’ by nature. It isn’t enough for us to set up shop in just one city or town for many years, no matter how much we love that location. It isn’t enough to visit other places for a week or two while vacationing. No, the ‘movers’ among us need to live somewhere new, to really immerse themselves in a different community, whenever their heart tells them it’s time. In addition to the movers that are following their free spirit, there are also people who are movers by necessity – those whose jobs can have them stationed in Cleveland in the spring, and Philadelphia in the fall. There are, of course, countless other reasons behind the many moves that take place across America every day, but we aren’t looking to outline every one. We just wanted to offer a few furniture tips for people who want to create a sense of lived-in warmth and comfort in their home – warmth that they can easily take with them if they want or need to!

Closet Space: If there’s one thing I have learned from watching countless episodes of House Hunters, it is that not all closets are created equal – not even close! Some tiny apartments will have the grandest of walk-in closets, while otherwise large two-story homes will have closets that would be far too small for most of us. Closet space is an important feature in a home, and is certainly something to be considered before buying. However, if you are a frequent mover who will be renting an apartment or home, closet space may not be at the top of your consideration list. It also may not be something you are able to find in a short time frame, which many people are up against when they need to move in over a weekend and be at their new school or job by Monday! An easy and attractive way to keep closet space worries at bay is to invest in an Armoire. offers a wide variety of wardrobe armoires that let you take your closet with you!

There’s Nothing Like Sitting By the Fire: While it’s definitely a tricky task finding an apartment or house with enough closet space, if you are waiting to find one with a fireplace you will probably be waiting quite a while! For as wonderful as they are, fireplaces aren’t a very common feature in a home, and traditional fireplaces require regular maintenance that many people simply aren’t up for. Electric Fireplaces, however, remove the maintenance requirements from the equation, providing an affordable, easy-to-enjoy solution for many more people. Plus, they’re portable! You’ll never have to wonder if your new home will have a fireplace again, because you’ll be bringing it along for the ride.

Don’t Forget to Fold Your Furniture: Furniture will likely always be the largest thing most of us move; there isn’t a way to make it pocket-sized just yet! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain choices we can make to ease the burden of all things big. One such choice is to invest in some pieces of Folding Furniture. You might not be able to fold your favorite recliner, but folding tables and folding chairs for the kitchen or dining room are most certainly an option! All the small things you can do to make moving easier and more efficient really add up. And when there are options that are in line with your style as well as your lifestyle, the decision seems simple!

Picture This: Last but certainly not least, one of the best things to bring along is pictures. Lots and lots of pictures! With photos of friends and family surrounding you from every angle, any space feels more like  home in an instant.

Any tips or stories about moving you would like to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! 🙂

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