Suggests: Use Facebook to Organize a Furniture Swap!

I can think of at least 3 pieces of furniture off the top of my head that I own and use but no longer particularly love. Why do I keep them? Because they were too expensive to give away without a second thought, and I can’t justify replacing them with something that better suits my style. If they were falling apart, it would be a different story. I have a few pieces of furniture that are – pardon the pun – on their last legs. These I will replace with something new without feeling guilty. But the others aren’t. Structurally and aesthetically, they are all in great shape. But my taste has changed and my furniture hasn’t magically changed with it!

I was watching a television show recently about the growing popularity of clothing swaps, particularly in large cities. If you aren’t familiar with them, the clothing swaps featured on the show ranged from small and casual to large and official. The smaller swaps were simply a few friends of similar clothing sizes meeting at one friend’s home for drinks and snacks. The only difference between this get-together and a normal get-together was that all the women brought a bag of clothing from their personal wardrobe that they wanted to offer up for a swap with their friends. In a matter of minutes, one woman’s unwanted jeans became another woman’s new go-to designer denim while a forgotten dress from the back of another’s closet earned itself some weekend plans for another. There was no money exchanged – simply items of similar value – and everyone walked away with something fun and fresh!

The larger swaps featured were open to an entire community, and involved multiple racks of clothing and long lines of eager ‘swappers’.  There was no lengthy determination over whether this item was truly equal to that item in monetary value, it was a fun-and-free-for-all situation where the fastest hands ‘won’ the best of the best. Honestly, it was exhilarating to watch!

While I am not lucky enough to have a lot of friends who share my size or even my style when it comes to clothing and accessories, I do have some friends with beautiful taste in furniture and home décor. This got me thinking about how the clothing swap idea would work just as well with furniture, though it’s not as easy to move a dresser as a dress! With that in mind, I think Facebook would make a wonderful platform to host a furniture swap among friends past and present who live within driving distance. After all, the TV stand I am tired of looking at could be my roommate from college’s treasure! And if I can find another suitable stand in the mix from someone else, my TV still has a home and I get a new feel for my living room.

Facebook makes it easier than ever to put together an event, and that event never has to even physically take place! You can simply create an event and invite as many people from your list of friends as you’d like, while also encouraging friends to invite their friends as well if you want the options to be even greater. On the event page you can explain that you would like everyone to upload pictures of furniture that they no longer need, and to include as many details about that furniture as possible (ie. Is there any damage? Does the furniture come from a smoke-free and/or pet-free home?). They can even add whether they will be adding this furniture to a general mix, or if they need a guaranteed replacement for the piece before they can let the one they have go. The event can even be ongoing indefinitely, eventually becoming similar to a Craigslist full of furniture from people you know and trust.

If a Facebook Furniture Swap or any type of Furniture Swap is something you’ve been a part of, we’d love to hear from you about how it all worked out! We’re sure we aren’t the first to think of it, and we’d be interested to know what other tips you might have. And, of course, after you’re done swapping and ready for some shopping, will be here 24/7! Hopefully you’ll have saved enough at the swap to get the pieces you really want and love. 🙂

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