We’re Loving These Furniture and Decorating Trends For 2011!

We usually get quite an accurate view of the current furniture trends simply by paying close attention to what people are looking for and buying at TheFurnitureDomain.com, but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep up with our research. After all, it’s best to be prepared for the trends than to try to catch up once they’re in full swing, and after reading an interesting article about Design Trends for 2011, I think we’re prepared!

I was initially drawn to the article because of the picture –I do believe I see at least 2 Zuo Modern Sofas in that superior setting! While my personal style tends to lean more toward contemporary and cottage than sleek and modern, I am a huge fan of Zuo Modern furniture. I simply accepted that it was OK to love something that doesn’t quite work with your design aesthetic, and admire it from afar or in others’ homes. Then I saw this picture. I’m definitely not a designer, but I’m not afraid to play with new ideas and get creative on the home décor front. Even still, as simple as it looks in the picture, I don’t know that I would have ever made Zuo Modern furniture work with the rest of the room quite as well as the designer did. The room looks current and comfy – lived in and loved. And once I read the full article, that made a lot of sense!

We encourage you to check out the full article for yourself, but wanted to highlight a few pieces we offer that fall in line with the trends mentioned within it. One of my favorite trends mentioned actually isn’t furniture at all, but flooring. Hardwood flooring with a gray finish, to be exact. I only saw this trend in action recently, and was instantly in love. Gray has always been my favorite neutral, particularly in home décor. When there’s the slightest tint of blue to it, I’m in color heaven! Luckily, another trend mentioned is whitewashed wood furniture, which I think goes perfectly with gray floors. The whole image of it all smells like a summer breeze…

While we may not carry flooring, the first thing that came to mind when I read “well-worn wood versus exotic ones create a rustic elegance” was the Hillsdale Wilshire Bedroom Set. As a huge fan of heirloom-quality white furniture, this set and the Magnussen Ashby Collection have long been favorites of mine. The Furniture Domain offers the Wilshire line from Hillsdale as a bedroom set, or individual pieces. Have a set you love, but want to add a dose of ‘Americana/English Country’ to your home? Consider the Hillsdale Wilshire Armoire. It will not only add extra storage space to your home, but a warm design element that is appropriate for the bedroom, hallway, or even living room. Let guests think it holds antique quilts – they don’t have to know your winter coats are in there!

PANTONE has announced their 2011 Color of the Year, and it is oh-so-pretty! I won’t deny that last year’s Turquoise left me feeling all relaxed and float-y, and is a color that is more in line with my style than 2011’s Honeysuckle, but there’s something special about this shade that makes me smile. It reminds me of bubble gum, lip gloss, and fancy ladies dressed in their Sunday finest. It kind of makes me feel like a kid again, all packed with optimism and fresh spirit, and that’s something I think we can all use in this New Year. It may not be a precise PANTONE color match, but I think this Edgar Degas’ Ballerine In Rosa Print is an economical and beautiful way to make your walls blush a bit!

What design updates will you be embracing in 2011?

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