Modern Home Entertainment Centers That Fit Your Lifestyle and Your Budget!


As bigger and better televisions than any previously imagined make their way into homes across America, more people than ever before are investing in creating a home entertainment center that far surpasses the tiny TV tucked into a corner of years before. And far from simply being a place to catch up on the evening news, these entertainment centers commonly boast not only an exceptional television, but also cutting-edge sound systems, video game systems, and of course, DVD and Blu-ray players. While the fun of a night at the movie theater is still a favorite American pastime, it is no longer the only option for a remarkable viewing experience.

But there is more to creating a comfortable, enjoyable home entertainment setup than the HDTV, movie and music players, and video game systems; though they are important components for sure. There are also the accessories that can make all the difference, and that is where The Furniture Domain comes into the ‘big picture’! We offer a fantastic selection of items to help make your entertainment center all it can be, whatever your budget or style. We don’t carry popcorn, however. But we’re working on it. 😉

Let’s take a look at a few affordable options to turn up the volume on your viewing and gaming experience…

The Best Seat in the House: There’s no denying the cool appeal of movie theater-style seating, but most of us simply can’t afford such a serious price tag, or don’t have the space to devote an entire room to movies only. Luckily, theater-style seating is far from the only option when choosing what your family and friends will be lounging on while enjoying your home entertainment setup. Among our favorite picks for watching flicks are Fuf chairs. These unbelievably comfy chairs are a grown-up version of a beanbag chair, and are suitable for kids as well. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, including oversized options that easily seat 2 people, Fuf chairs make an awesomely economical addition to any home!

TV Stands, Armoires, Consoles and Cabinets: As crisp and clear as a new LCD or LED TV is, you won’t be able to enjoy your new addition if you don’t have anywhere to put it! The Furniture Domain offers a wide variety of options for holding your television and myriad other components, including stylish media storage for movies, games and more.

Add a Little Light and a Lot of Warmth: No romantic comedy is complete without a cup of cocoa, a cuddle partner, and a glowing fireplace. But installing a fireplace isn’t always an option, especially when considering the cost. Enter electric fireplaces – the affordable option that looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is. We’re proud to offer a stunning selection of Southern Enterprises electric fireplaces that instantly add that special something to a room that only a glowing fire can, without any of the hassle and high price that come with a traditional fireplace.

Here’s hoping Santa leaves you something techy and terrific under the tree this year! And if he does, we look forward to helping you create a warm and welcoming environment to enjoy time with family and friends – the best gift of all.

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