Fun Furniture For Kids That’s Perfect For Christmas!

Furniture may not be the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they’re brainstorming for good gift ideas for their kids, and to be fair, kids probably wouldn’t be too excited if Santa did leave behind a new coffee table. But a coffee table isn’t the kind of furniture we have in mind to make Christmas morning a little more comfy. At The Furniture Domain, we offer a wide variety of kid’s furniture from the best quality brands in the business – brands that know how important it is for kid‘s furniture to be durable and cool. We browsed through each of these brands to put together a little list of some of our top present picks for Christmas. We hope you find something your children will love!

  • Lumisource BoomChairs – Is there a gamer or two in your home? Would your gamer gladly give up food, sleep and showering if it meant they could play video games even longer? While we don’t recommend caving in to those wishes, providing the gamer in your life with a BoomChair will make their already-favorite pastime even more enjoyable, while preventing them from stealing your favorite seat on the couch. Boom chairs make an especially great gift if there’s a new game system or games already on the way from Santa!


  • Lumisource Mitt Chair – A homerun since the first day we carried them, the Lumisource Mitt Chair is a fun and funky chair that never goes out of style. These make a cool and comfortable seat for any kid, and are an extra special treat for baseball fans. The Mitt Chair is available in regular and mini sizes to suit children of all ages, in both traditional or relaxing, vibrating chair models, and a wide variety of colors!


  • Offi Foam Table – If you’re familiar with Offi & Company furniture, you likely won’t be surprised that we’re highlighting them here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything from Offi that I didn’t love, whether it was for kids or adults. They take innovative design to a new level while maintaining practicality and affordability. Their furniture is unique and fresh, but it is not so unconventional that it won’t work wonderfully in just about any home. One of my personal favorites is the brightly-colored Offi Kid’s Table in blue and green (though the red and orange Offi Table is a must-see, too!). Just add a set of matching Offi Kid’s Chairs, and you’ll have a foam-tastic gift your child is sure to enjoy every day.

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