Shed Some Light On Your Fabulous Furniture With A Little Help From Valley Lighting!

As important as furniture is to the overall look, comfort and function of a room, there are other elements that come into play that must work in synergy with your furniture to create a space that nurtures you and reflects your life and style. These elements include flooring, wall color and texture, and of course, lighting!

When choosing lighting, it is important to consider not only your design preferences, but also what you’ll be using the room for. A candle in the corner isn’t going to cut it if you plan on reading in a room, and a bright overhead light as the sole source of illumination also won’t work well if you’re creating a relaxing retreat.  We turned to the beautiful lighting options available at to put together a short list of amazing options for 3 different rooms in your home – the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Why these 3? Because we love eating, sleeping and lounging!

Bright and Beautiful Kitchen Lighting

To say there’s a fantastic selection of Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures would be a bit of an understatement. There’s dozens of delightful choices that cover a wide array of styles from fancy and flourishing to minimalist and modern. If the lighting that goes above your kitchen island will be a primary source of light for your kitchen, it might be best to opt for one of the many fixtures that calls for 3 or more bulbs. Nobody likes to cook in the dark! But if your island lighting will be more for ambiance, I can’t imagine anything more stunning than this Pendant Light. It’s oversized, so should give off a good amount of light, but I would choose a soft, low-wattage bulb that was just bright enough to show off the striking gold and white contrast that oozes understated luxury. I’m imaging delicate appetizers on a golden tray underneath that my holiday guests would surely savor more than my typical tiny hot dog fare!

Tiffany Is Terrific In The Living Room

Who are we kidding…Tiffany is terrific in any room! But the perfect Tiffany Lighting Fixtures tucked into a corner of a cozy and quaint living room begs for an evening of luxurious relaxation. Grab your velvet robe, pour a cup of cocoa or coffee, dust off that copy of The Great Gatsby you’ve been saying you’ll read since college, and snuggle up on the sofa while this Tiffany Table Lamp lights your way ‘til the last page.

Chandeliers And Sweet Dreams

There is nothing more romantic than a chandelier. Nothing so unapologetically elegant, so instantly glamorous, so polished, chic and sleek. The word itself drips with drama…shan da leer! And at the top of my chandelier list of love is this Mini Chandelier. Have you ever seen so much magnificence packed into such a compact fixture? My velvet robe will not be enough – I will need kitten-heeled slippers with marabou trim and breakfast in bed at least twice a week! Need something more than mini? Valley Lighting & Home Décor has almost 250 options in their Quoizel Chandeliers collection alone. Your only problem will be choosing just one!

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