Color Trends for Interior Design

We usually think about the comfort and functionality of a piece of furniture before we buy it.  But what does the color mean?  How do colors play into interior design trends?  We have a few answers about that to help make your next furniture purchase a bit more colorful.

-Earth tones are a huge trend in interior design right now. This might have something to do with the whole “going green” environmentalism, but it’s also a great way to decorate your home.  A lot of natural or organic fabrics don’t contain any dye (and if they do, it’s from a natural process), so that lends itself to more neutral colors.  Browns, beiges, and greens are very popular right now.

-Yellow and green are a great design combination.  Yellow is vibrant, while green is calming and soothing.  When they are combined, they make a definite statement.  When you’re doing this, be careful not to overuse the yellow.  Yellow is good in a kitchen, where it can stimulate and motivate (and even aid in digestion!).  Using green in a bedroom creates a calm mood.

-Purple and orange are also popular colors.  Right plum purples and vibrant violet purples represent a very unique design standpoint.  Using various shades of orange will add a bit of brightness.  Pairing purple and orange creates a great contrast.

These are just a few color themes to think about when you’re getting new furniture for your home.

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