The History of Tables: Some Fast Facts

We sort of take for granted the fact that tables have always been around.  But they haven’t!  Someone had to invent them, and this piece of furniture has evolved over time.  The table has been used in Western culture since about the 7th century BC.  Those first tables were generally a flat slab of stone or metal supported by trestles, legs, or a pillar.

We know that ancient Egyptian tables were made of wood, Assyrian tables were metal, and ancient Greek tables were bronze.  The first really elaborate tables were made by the Romans.  They carved animals and other figures into the legs.  They were truly exquisite tables.

By contrast, early medieval tables were fairly utilitarian.  Small tables were used in smaller chambers—but the great hall of a castle had a huge table.  This was arguably the first real advancement in table technology.  These large tables were quite the sight to behold.  The master of the house and his guests would sit at a rectangular table with a canopy, and the rest of the household would sit at tables around it.  This is akin to the wedding banquets of today.

Tables have become such a normal part of our everyday lives that sometimes we forget that there’s a great evolution behind them.  You can experience the next step in the evolution of tables with a great dining table from The Furniture Domain.

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