Create Some Hidden Space: Maximize the Storage in your Home

Many of us don’t have the storage space that we wish we did.  We want to be able to clear the clutter in our homes.  Don’t worry—we’re here with some ways to use your home’s hidden storage options.  Would The Furniture Domain ever let you down?

  • The first step, of course, is to get rid of that clutter.  Get rid of old and unwanted stuff that has been taking up space in your drawers, cupboards, closets, etc.  It’s important to make sure your storage places are filled with the useful stuff.
  • Furniture is great for hiding storage.  We love the Micro Fiber Storage Ottoman because the top also reverses into a serving tray.  We’d also suggest getting flat storage containers that can easily slide under your bed.
  • Bookshelves aren’t only for books!  Try storing some office files and other stationery items there.  This way your half-full bookshelf won’t be a waste of valuable space.
  • The Micro Fiber Storage Ottoman also works as extra seating so that you aren’t taking up too much space with bulky chairs.  You might also want to consider a barstool set that can be easily put to the side when not in use.

Do you have any great tips for organizing the clutter in your home?  How do you create more space?  Let us know!

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