A Furniture Nusiance: Bed Bugs

We’ve been reading about them a lot in the news lately, so we thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of information about the pesky bed bug. They can easily make their way into your home— especially after spending time traveling and staying in hotels. The best offense against bed bugs is a good defense. But if you already suspect you have bug beds in your home, there are some things you can do.

Take the time to inspect all of the warm areas in your home. Check mattresses, carpeting, pillows, sofas, and behind chairs and dressers. If you have older furniture, treat it with insecticides to get rid of possible bed bugs. Run of the mill insecticide spray will work to get rid of any on the furniture, but the dust will help to get bed bugs that might be hiding. Cover your mattress in plastic to prevent any bugs from getting in or out.

If you have old furniture, consider getting rid of it in favor of newer pieces like the ones you can find at The Furniture Domain. If there is any chance of bed bugs remaining, this will help prevent them from multiplying in your home once again.

If you’ve traveled outside of the country, be sure to inspect your luggage and clothing. That’s one good way for bed bugs to get in. At The Furniture Domain, we want to make sure you keep them out!

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