History of Furniture Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

We know that you’re here to look at and buy NEW furniture. But what about the old stuff? How much do you know about antique furniture? It’s time to test your knowledge here at The Furniture Domain!

  1. What would you use a cheval for?
  2. How many drawers does a semenier chest have?
  3. What are brewster, spoonback, and fauteuil all types of?
  4. In which room would you be most likely to find a canterbury?
  5. Traditionally, who would use a bonheur du jour?
  6. What is a vitrine?


  1. A cheval would be used in order to look at your reflection. It’s a free-standing adjustable mirror on a four-legged frame.
  2. Seven drawers. A semenier is a tall, narrow chest designed to hold linen for each day of the week.
  3. These are all types of chairs.
  4. A canterbury would be found in a parlor. It’s a small, portable stand with dividers used to hold books or music.
  5. A lady would use a bonheur du jour. It’s a lady’s writing desk developed around the time of Louis XVI.
  6. A vitrine is a glass cabinet.

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