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The city of Hazleton, PA has the furniture world in a little bit of a tizzy. Last month, City Council voted on a resolution to prohibit people from using indoor furniture on porches and patios. The people behind this resolution say that upholstered indoor furniture can cause health concerns when it’s used outdoors. Citing problems like mold and mildew, insect and rodent infestations, and the fact that it cannot be properly cleaned, proponents of the resolution say that the materials in indoor furniture is not suitable to be used outside.

What do you think? We think that there’s certainly something to this argument. But many people in Hazleton say that they’ve had indoor furniture on their porches for years and haven’t experienced any health hazards. The resolution was stopped by a single holdout— a City Councilwoman who says that she’s had a sofa on her back porch for 15 years! Do you think the city is overstepping its bounds?

After all, with all of the great outdoor furniture you can find here at The Furniture Domain, why would you even think about putting something else on your porch? We say: If it’s made to be inside, keep it inside. If it’s outdoor furniture, then it should stay outdoors!

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