Fastest Piece of Furniture?

A man in Buckinghamshire, England is thought to have set a world record for the world’s fastest piece of furniture. He drove his dining table down a racetrack at speeds exceeding 113 miles per hour.

What made him do it?

We’re not exactly sure WHY he did it. But 47-year-old Perry Watkins drove his Queen Anne table (complete with table settings for dinner!) down a 500 meter track. He did it twice.

The table, appropriately named “Fast Food,” reached a top speed of 130 miles per hour. Its average speed on his little journey was 113.8 miles per hour. This more than exceeded the record of 92 miles per hour set by a sofa back in 2007.

How did it move?

Well, he put a 1994 Reliant Scimitar Sabre under the table. It was boosted by a nitrous oxide kit that provided thrust for the little vehicle. It sounds like Watkins knows what he’s doing! (And he should. This isn’t the first world record he’s held. He also holds the record for making the smallest car ever made. He attached a 150cc engine to a Postman Pat toy van.)

While we think this is a fun story, we don’t recommend you try it at home! The furniture from The Furniture Domain is really meant to stay stationary.

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