Smart Sofas for Small Spaces

Living in a smaller space means that you have to be more selective about what you choose to bring into that space. Adding things here, there and everywhere can very quickly leave you feeling cramped and claustrophobic, and your home feeling less functional, and less like the inspiring, relaxing, and rejuvenating retreat it is meant to be. However, there is a lot to be said for the mindfulness a small space affords.

Many people have a tendency to fill their homes to the maximum capacity they can comfortably hold, and in many cases, well beyond that. This often equals ‘excess’ across the board – excess spending on items not needed, excess time spent shopping for items that will unnecessarily fill the home, excess hours at work to afford all the extras, and excess consumption in general. Think not of the limitations of your smaller space, but the enlightenment it brings to the table. Even if that table is a bit smaller in stature!

Since the sofa is among the largest items in most homes, it is something that some people with smaller spaces skip, opting instead for Chairs and Floor Pillows. While those options do hold their own in style and comfort, we wanted to highlight a few smaller Sofas that might make sense for your smaller space!

Tufted and Terrific: This Avenue Six Loveseat sofa is smart, stylish, awesomely affordable and timeless. The design effortlessly adds sophistication to any room while comfortably seating two people, or one person relaxing with their feet up! Everything about this was designed with the size in mind, so it doesn’t look like a shrunken version of something larger, it looks absolutely perfect and polished.

The 7 Foot Fuf: A traditional sofa was never so soft as the Extra Extra Large 7 Ft. Fuf Chair! Large enough for 2 people to relax in the ultimate, sink-into-your-seat retreat, these unique, oversized, upgrade to a beanbag chair Fufs are available in a great selection of colors, all at a lovely, low price. A favorite of men and women of all ages, and of course kids, these are a small space solution you’re sure to love.

Luxury = Leather: When modern is a must, and lush, white leather a definite ‘do’ that works for you, there’s nothing to consider but this loveseat sofa from Zuo Modern. The crisp, contemporary white leather is perfectly complemented by a linear chrome structure that adds intrigue and brilliant shine. This sofa would command attention at half this size, with an undeniable air of chic and sleek self-awareness that simply can’t be faked!

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