Office Workers, This is the Chair for You!

We have written before about the benefits of the Swopper Chair before.  Here is an actual review from a consumer that bought this chair from us:

“We went to the super duper “spine” chair store and tried everything. read the reviews. This chair delivered a unique experience. We have Aeron chairs already. This is a huge improvement. It keeps your butt moving by keeping a portion of weight on feet and on butt. Also this chair works in very confined spaces unlike a conventional office chair which requires a lot of room to back up around move around. Plus its fun to spin 🙂 I do not recommend this for very small children. They do have a back option that might help some people but if you are leaning back or intend to – this is not the chair for you. this is the 2010 version of the old Z style computer chair from the 80’s. There is nothing else like it.”

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