Happy Hour at Your House!


Thanks to the financial crisis, I have found that my interior design business is booming!  My New York City clients used to spend every night on the town.  Now they are saving money by spending evenings at home.  However, they still want to have fun and socialize with friends.  So now they are bringing the bar scene to their place.

The new trend I have found is that they are asking for bar areas to be featured in their apartments’ floor plans.  They want fun and affordable solutions to create this atmosphere.  Places like Furniture Domain have interesting bar furniture solutions.

But it can be fun to customize the bar experience.  I recommend getting a cabinet or buffet for liquor and mounting a couple of floating shelves above it for glass/garnish display.

The top of the cabinet is the perfect place for the ice bucket.  Also put a lacquer or natural tray atop with choice liquors and a shaker set-up for an instant party.

I also like the idea of taking a breakfast bar from day to night.  Use one half for a bottle display.  Once again the floating shelves come in handy for shot glasses and Bartender Bible storage.  Getting a pair of festive barstools can take your area from Wheaties to Wow!


For the price of a few of nights out in Manhattan, you can create a swanky bar chez vous!  Save a lot of money by getting creative with your space and bar area.  Make your place the city’s next hot spot!

-Betsy Head, Affordable Interior Design  –   www.betsyhead.com

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