Dorm Furniture That Earns An A+ In Cool and Comfortable!

It’s hard to believe, but we’re only about a month away from classes starting again for many colleges and universities across the country. Station wagons and minivans will be packed floor to ceiling with everything from clothes to stereos, traveling toward dorm rooms and apartments that will serve as home for a few years. If you or your kids are headed to college this year, we have some fun, functional and affordable dorm furniture ideas to help you enhance and personalize your space. Because as nice as cold, gray walls and cramped quarters are, they can benefit from a shot of color and comfort!

Make Friends – Have Seats: There will be plenty of people stopping by your room for study sessions, reality television marathons, or just to say “Hi!”, and we know you don’t want to leave your friends sitting on the cold floor – especially since that’s where your clothes go! The Offi & Company Bongo Stool is a space-saving, color and cool-maximizing solution to too little space and too many friends. Available in sky blue, white, misty green and hot pink, these stackable stools double as lamps. Plus, they look like bongos. And it doesn’t get more ‘college chic’ than that!

You Really Can’t Have Too Many Chairs: The bongo chairs above are a great seating start, but sometimes you’ll want a seat you can really sink into. Enter the Skull Butterfly Chair! This dorm room classic is updated with a fresh black, white and hot pink skull design, and just like all butterfly chairs quickly and neatly folds up for easy storage. Space will possibly never again be at such a premium as it is in your dorm room, but that doesn’t mean you have to live without any creature comforts. You just have to be smarter about the pieces you do bring into the room!

A Little Light Goes A Long Way: Most dorm rooms are small spaces with little natural light and drably-painted walls. This is not because the designers were mean people, rather that schools want to accommodate as many students as possible and make rooms as maintenance-free as possible. In short, grey paint hides scuffs and scrapes to the wall quite well! But you don’t have to resign yourself to living life in the dark. In fact, bringing in a little light can do wonders for your get-up-and-go, and make reading and writing a lot easier as well. We have all seen the classic ‘dorm lamp’ – the one that hasn’t changed in design since its inception, and in many cases gets too hot to touch within minutes. Walk away from that lamp. You don’t have to settle for that lamp. This Lumisource Lamp is a fresh alternative that takes up very little space but adds oodles of optimistic style. See how much better bright can be?!

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