Unique and Funky Furniture For Under $100 – Part Two!

In our first installment of funky finds under $100, we highlighted the Bathroom Butler, Lumisource Dahlia Chair and Lumisource Puzzoto. In this Part Two post, we’ll take a look at 3 more fabulous furniture pieces, all of which make awesome accents for your home without so much as challenging your budget let alone breaking the bank. Think affordable can’t be amazing? Think again!

Times Tables Were Never So Cool: Whether you’re looking for multi-function pieces to make the most of a small space, or simply love all things unique and chic, the Adesso Time Table accent table is for you. Satin-finish steel legs support an oversized table top that is actually a PVC-faced clock. Place it next to your favorite chair, and time will always be on your side! Definitely one of the coolest, most clever pieces in our store, this is a spectacular steal at less than $100.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Lamp: This Lumisource Lamp is just one of countless pieces from this company that proves how high ‘fun’ is on their design specs! Time and again, Lumisource brings bold, creative furniture and accessories that are pocket-friendly and pack a punch. It would take a dozen lesser lamps to bring the same eye-catching appeal as this single floor lamp, which combines a simple black base and pole with a bright red fuzzy shade. Whether your home is modern and minimalist, or ropes in every color of the rainbow, this lamp is sure to shed some light and bring a smile with style. And not only is it under $100 – it’s under $40!

High-Shine Desks Are The Best!: Have a hard time feeling inspired while sitting at the drab, dated desk that occupies your home office? Whether you’re paying bills or writing a research paper, surrounding yourself with bright, colorful furniture and accessories can do wonders for your spirit. And ‘colorful’ most certainly applies to these Office Star Computer Desks. Available in shades of purple, green, orange, blue, pink and basic black, each of these desks has a high-gloss finish and simple, smart design. Bid a fond farewell to your old desk and welcome something funky and fresh into your home!

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