Unique and Funky Furniture For Under $100 – Part One!

At TheFurnitureDomain.com, we pride ourselves on offering furniture to suit every age, style, need and budget. From terrifically traditional to marvelously modern, we have the perfect pieces to make your house an awesomely accurate reflection of you. And if your style happens to lean toward the colorful and cool pieces that put the ‘fun’ in funky, this post is for you. We wanted to highlight a few perfectly-priced pieces that make a wonderful pick-me-up for any room.  Hope you find something you love as much as we do!

The Blue-Hatted Bathroom Butler: Once we’ve grown too old for the Psycho-inspired shower curtains of our college days, most of us don’t consider adding fun to the bathroom. And while I’ll gladly take oiled bronze fixtures and rich marble over chipped porcelain and plastic any day, I do like to inject a sense of humor throughout my home as well. And in the bathroom, that sense of humor is delivered with this charming Toilet Tissue Holder. Not only is this little guy cute, but he’s also practical! There’s an extra roll of toilet tissue hiding underneath his hat where its kept clean and covered.

The Red Dahlia Chair: We carry new furniture selections often at The Furniture Domain, and just like all of you, I naturally like some pieces more than others. And some pieces…some pieces I love. When I spied this Lumisource Chair love is definitely the feeling I felt! And I have yet to find another chair for this fabulous price that I love more. The contrast between the simple, thin legs and the intricately-carved back is striking, creating a chair that is both furniture and art. And…they’re stackable! And available in 4 colors! And like everything on our site, they ship completely free! I know, I know…it’s almost too much.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle: One of my favorite furniture pieces is actually the piece that cannot be named. Not because its name is a secret, but because it’s actually whatever you want it to be! I call it the Seat/Ottoman/Side Table, but I have a feeling that name isn’t going to catch on. Whatever it is, my favorite version of it is the Lumisource Puzzotto, available in 5 bright colors. As if the Puzzotto wasn’t amazing enough on its own, you can actually buy 2 or more and fit them together to create a custom piece. Get creative and imagine how you can use Puzzotto in your home. A coffee table, perhaps? A play table for the kiddos? An ottoman, dog bed, or extra seat for impromptu games of musical chairs? Whatever you like!

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