Famous Furniture: Let’s Go to the Movies

Have you ever watched a movie and then been struck by the beauty (or uniqueness) of the furniture in it? Some films are just made to be stunning visual displays, complete with furniture that gets interior designers drooling. Yes, the furniture found in movies can be beyond gorgeous.

So, instead of the furniture, head to the movies for some inspiration! Here are a few pieces of famous furniture as seen in some of your favorite flicks.

1.) Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous daybed (or at least a replica) makes an appearance in the movie Twilight (2008) in Edward’s bedroom. Sure, his room may be a bit of a mess, but this stunning piece of furniture definitely shines through.

2.) In the movie Click (2006), Adam Sandler lounges in his home in a super luxe, leather Eames Office Chair designed by Ray Eames, a master of the chair and chase lounge.

3.) Remember those egg-shaped chairs in Men in Black (1997)? Those pod-like pieces are actually the famous Arne Jacobson Egg Chair. It’s actually appeared in tons of films and is a 1960’s furniture staple, but don’t fret if you can’t find an original. There are tons of replicas out there.

4.) Did you know that furniture can travel through time? If you look at some old movies from MGM’s collection, you’ll find that a gorgeous Louis XVI parlor set shows up in films as varied as Marie Antoinette (1938), Meet Me In St. Louis (1944), and Gigi (1958).

5.) In The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964), there are a ton of Victorian pieces by the Herter Brothers. Rich, ornate, and completely beautiful!

These furniture finds are just a few that can be found in some of Hollywood’s greatest flicks. Take a look at some of the furniture used in film the next time you head to the movies or rent one at home. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a piece that you just can’t live without!

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