Protecting Your Furniture from Pets

While you may love your cat or dog, you may also be attached to that expensive new sofa in the living room . To be able to enjoy the presence of both in your home, it’s important to protect your furniture from pets. With just a bit of reinforcement and the addition of a few great distractions, your kitty or pup is sure to stop being a threat to the latest accent piece in your home.

Furniture pieces made from plastic laminates are highly pet resistant. You can find coffee tables, end tables, bedroom furniture, and dining room sets made from laminates that pets are discouraged from scratching or chewing, not to mention, they’re easy to clean.

If you have wood furniture or pieces that are accented with wood, it’s important to let your dog or cat know that it’s off-limits. Indulge their animal tendencies by letting them use a scratching post or chew toy to curb their urges, rather than risk the furniture.

However, if your couch is made from a roughly woven fabric, you may want to consider trading it up for something different. Roughly woven couches and chairs are more likely to trap pet dander and hair, as well as serve as an irresistible scratching surface for cats. Instead, choose a couch with a much more tightly woven fabric, or opt to go with leather or vinyl, which is easy to clean and resists scratching well.


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