Redecorating This Summer?

If you are planning on redecorating this summer, remember that you don’t need a degree in interior design in order to make a room beautiful. In fact, you can find inspiration just about anywhere! If you’re looking to redo your favorite space, be sure to consider some of these fun and easy ways to find some interior design inspiration:

1. First off, go to your local book store and pick up a few interior design magazines. They are filled with TONS of great photos and tips for redecorating. Plus, you may find a room that you absolutely love and want to recreate.

2. Pay attention to the homes of friends or family members. If you find rooms you like, ask where the person got the inspiration and for any tips he or she may have on recreating the look.

3. Fabrics! Check out your local fabric store and find one that you love. From there, you can create complimentary colors and textures and other details that can bring the room together – all from one little swatch.

4. Did you know that your sense of smell can be a great inspiration? If you love a scent, see if you can create a room that embodies that lovely lavender or vibrant citrus you so love.

5. The internet is a great place to get started. Check out blogs, interior design sites, or even photography data bases to find décor and interior designs that you feel like recreating in your home.

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