Furniture Trend to Watch: Industrial-Style Furniture

For awhile, it seemed like shabby chic and thrift store finds were dominating home décor (and in some spaces, they still are), but there is one trend that we’re watching to see how it develops: industrial furniture.

Inspired by the functional furniture found in industrial manufacturing facilities, these pieces often feature unfinished details, lots of metal, and of course, durability. Industrial furniture is a lot like what you would find to organize your garage. These pieces are purely for function, but in terms of style, they lend something very unexpected to your favorite space and can act as a powerful accent that adds strength, masculinity, and even a sense of power. Usually, this masculinity is offset by some detailing such as a fresh floral arrangement, feminine lamp, or colorful runner. As a foundation in many contemporary or loft style apartments, industrial furniture is a trend that we are seeing growth in.

Do you use industrial furniture in your space? If so, how?

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