Spend Time this Summer with Your Favorite Space

zebrachairSummertime is a great time to do home renovations and if you’re looking to revamp your favorite space, TheFurnitureDomain.com has a few great tips on how you can make the most of it without having to spend a ton. There are plenty of ways to refresh your favorite room in your house while saving money. You don’t have to hire an interior designer or a contractor in order to create a beautiful space using these easy projects:

1.) Add some brightly colored throw pillows to your furniture to add instant pizazz without having to redo all of your furnishings.

2.) Houseplants always brighten up a room, plus, they definitely increase the quality of air in your home.

3.) Changing up your lighting can take an ordinary room to something extraordinary. Look to add eco-friendly bulbs to save on you energy bills, or just update your fixtures. Even just a simple change of one lamp in your space can change the entire look and feel.

4.) Give your space a good cleaning! Sometimes a deep clean is all your space needs to feel like new. Plus, after you’re finished, you can feel free to rearrange the furniture, which is another great way to give new life to a room without remodeling.

5.) Add a new statement piece, like an accent chair, to give your room more personality. TheFurnitureDomain.com has tons of accent chairs and accent furniture that’s meant to add some zing to your favorite space without draining your bank account.

Try these easy tips and revamp a space this summer!

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