Celebrate Lumpy Rug Day!

rugMay 3rd is a day when you should give your home a little extra attention, particularly your floors. You see, May 3rd is Lumpy Rug Day and to celebrate, it’s time that you take a look at your area and throw rugs.

Rugs of every size and shape should be smooth, even, and most definitely not lumpy. On May 3rd, everyone should take a look at their rugs to be sure that they’re in great shape because let’s face it, rugs help to make a room complete. If you’ve got a lumpy rug and want to do your part to celebrate in the occasion, toss it and give yourself a new area rug from the selection at TheFurnitureDomain.com.

At TheFurnitureDomain.com, we have beautiful area rugs including eco-friendly Surya Rugs that are ideal for making your home a lot more comfortable. Celebrate Lumpy Rug Day by decorating your floors with something better!

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