Spring Cleaning Tip: Think About How You Entertain

Throughout the year, there are bound to be at least a handful of parties or get together at your home and this spring, as you start to clean out all of your old junk, think about how much – or how little – you entertain.

As a host, you’ve probably accumulated a variety of useless entertaining and party supplies that you saved thinking they could be used again, when they’re actually just sitting around and collecting dust. As you spring clean, consider what entertaining items you’ll REALLY use again and which ones will end up in the closet for a few more years. If it can’t be used, toss it.

At the same time, also consider those weird serving dishes and platters that get put out for your soirees. Instead of keeping all of the holiday themed ones, go with the classic silver or ceramics that can be used all year round. You’ll reduce clutter, save on space, and will be simplifying your party supply storage area.

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