Spring Cleaning Tip: Think Before You Toss

Spring cleaning season is in full swing and chances are you’ve probably gone through the closets and basement and garage looking for things to get rid of. But before you start throwing things in garbage bags and dropping them at the curb, think before your toss. You may have some trash that can truly be treasure.

Collectible items, antiques, and other valuables can sometimes come up unexpectedly as you spring clean. Think about cashing in on them to finance some new furniture or a room renovation. That really weird piece of artwork that your aunt gave you may be worth more than you think.

Treasure from the trash pile doesn’t just come from antiques. Donating your unwanted items can make all the difference in the life of someone who needs it. Old furniture, clothing, bedding, towels, and even home décor can be given to a shelter, thrift store, or another charity so that your trash can actually go to a good cause.

Whether you decide to sell or donate, just know that either of these ways is greener and more environmentally conscious for spring cleaning. Remember – think before you toss!

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