Need Space? Try a Wall Bed!

aron_2097_461315132Apartment living can be a lot of fun, especially if you have enough space to get creative with your furnishings. However, if you are living the tinier, more economical kind of lifestyle, chances are that you’re craving more space in your loft, studio, or apartment space. Not to worry. When you need a bit more room in your apartment, we’ve got you covered. is proud to now carry wall beds that are perfect for freeing up tons of space in your bedroom or guest room so that you can keep things easy and organized, not to mention, so much more compact.

Ideal for guest rooms that double as office spaces, wall beds simply fold up and tuck away into a cabinet so that you wouldn’t even know a bed was there. Use the additional shelving on the bed sizes to store books, photo albums, or other essentials.

Have a master bedroom or loft space that’s just too tiny for a full bedroom set? Then try using a wall bed to save some space while still getting plenty of room to sleep comfortably. Wall beds can be a great addition to any apartment or small space. Check out the selection today at!

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