Time for Spring Cleaning!

It is the time of year to start thinking about spring cleaning. A lot of people actually wait until spring breaks to do their cleaning, but we advocate another strategy. Why wait until the weather is nice? Don’t you want to be outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine?We like to start our spring cleaning this time of year, while the weather is still unpredictable and uncooperative. If you do a little bit each day, then you will be done by the time spring comes to greet us.

The most important place to start is with dusting. Dusting is an often overlooked or hurried aspect of spring cleaning. However, it is extremely important that you dedicate a concentrated effort toward your dusting. Here is a list of tips to remember when dusting:

1)Start High: Dust will inevitably fall as you are going around your house. If you start with lower furniture and then move to a high shelf, then the dust will just get the area you already cleaned dirty again. Start with the higher areas of your house so that the dust will all fall down and you don’t have to do things over again.
2)Corners: Remember to get those high corners your rooms. Cobwebs and dust can collect there as well. It is important to get rid of all of these things to keep you room clean.
3)Move Things: A lot of people when dusting go very quick and just dust around objects on a shelf. It is really important that you move each item and get rid of all the dust that you find.
4)Curtains/Shades: Dust doesn’t just accumulate on horizontal surfaces like shelves, dressers, and TVs. It can also collect vertically on curtains and window shades. You may need to beat these to get the dust out, but remember to start high.

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