Lighting Is Just As Important As The Furniture

Most people think of lighting as just a function of a room, when in actuality, it can really be so much more. In fact, it’s just as important as the rest of the artwork and furniture in the space. Lighting helps to bring the entire room together. It sets the mood. It, well, illuminates! Here are a few tips to make the most of your lighting:

1.)    Make a focal point in your favorite room by finding a fabulous lamp or interesting piece of lighting. Put it on top of a table or use it over a table to draw attention.

2.)    Get amazing ambiance by using dimmed wall sconces to bathe your walls in soft light.

3.)    Get a cool and unique effect by using chandeliers, colored bulbs, or interestingly shaped pieces in unexpected place. For example, a chandelier in the bathroom makes for an instantly chic look.

4.)    Lighting can be artwork. Think of it that way when you shop for pieces and think about how they’ll be installed in the space.

5.)    Lower ceilings mean shorter fixtures. Don’t crowd the space. Use it wisely. Pick lighting pieces that deliver the look you want without taking up too much (or too little) space.

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