Save the Planet and Redecorate Your Home…At the Same Time!

As the world moves toward a more eco-friendly society, it is important to be “green conscious.” This is easy to do in some aspects of life, such as using a reusable water bottle as opposed to throwing plastic bottles away. But there is a misconception that some industries simply cannot be green, based solely on their nature.

Did you think furniture was one of those industries? The Furniture Domain has got you covered. We offer a line of Green Furniture that comes from a variety of sources.

What is green furniture? Green furniture comes from tree farms that are constantly resupplied. For every tree that is harvested for lumber, another is planted in its place. Likewise, green companies take unused wood from harvest trees, and wood from old furniture, and reclaim it to make something new. The same is true about plastic and metal from unwanted furniture.

Lastly, some pieces of green furniture are made from bamboo. Although technically a grass, bamboo is strong, fast growing, and easily crafted into any design. Due to its high rate of growth, there is virtually an unlimited supply, and to harvest it does not place a strain on the environment.

So as you consider new furniture for your home, also consider the planet and check out the green furniture section at

Does anyone else have any tips on ways to help the planet? Fill us and leave a comment!

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