Magazine Racks—A Buying Guide

Magazines can add a cozy element to your space. A couple of monthlies placed on a coffee table or near a side chair can be very welcoming and invite a guest to have a seat. However, it is important to select the right magazine rack for the space. In the wrong rack, a stack of magazines can look sloppy and unsightly.
Color Story

Near an upholstered recliner, a wooden magazine rack like Powell’s Color Story Series can be a good choice. This piece is large enough to balance out the weight of the hefty chair. It can hold a pile of periodicals without looking messy. I also like the fact that this wood rack is a different material than the chair it’s beside. I would not be as likely to put this rack next to a wooden chair.

For more modern spaces, a rack with cleaner lines would be appropriate. I like Adesso’s Zurich Magazine Rack. Place it next to a sleek leather sofa or mid-Century modern side chair. Its updated shape and curved lines are a fun departure from traditional magazine racks. Only use this one to hold a couple issues at a time. Its open shape will expose the cluttered look of a stack.

A warning for magazine displays is that they can tend to remind one of a waiting room. You will want to steer clear of your home looking like a hospital. One way to do this is to avoid wall-mounted racks. These are fine for a home office but wrong for a living room.

Decorative Metal

Also, opt for wood rather than metal or glass. Wood is, by its nature, a “warmer” material and will have a less sterile feel. If you prefer a metal rack, chose one with curving lines like’s Decorative Metal Magazine Table. This will help soften the cold, hard effect of the metal selection. Another recommendation is to tend towards wrought iron rather than silver, which can feel a bit institutional.

As long as they’re displayed in an appropriate rack, magazines can be a nice home décor touch.

— Besty Head

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