Media Storage—A Buying Guide

TV Armoire

Media storage is a necessary evil.  In general, designers are not big fans of electronics, cords, or televisions.  However, most people have televisions and need aesthetically pleasant furniture on which to store them.  With so many styles available, there are a few guidelines to follow when selecting which media cabinet is right for your home.

Home Styles Bedford Entertainment Stand
My number one tip is that the console should be wider than your television.  If you are going to place your set atop a console or cabinet, be sure that the sides of the screen do not extend past the sides of the cabinet.  Homestyles’ Bedford TV Stand is long enough to extend past the screen of a 42” television.  Also, if you have not yet upgraded to a flatscreen television, be sure that the depth of your television is not greater than the depth of furniture piece.  An example of a piece that can support a larger set is Home Styles’ Corner TV Stand.
Home Styles Corner TV Stand

If you are someone who does not have a lot of media, game stations, or electronics to store on your media stand, it can be nice to choose one that is more simple and open.  I like Legare’s Media Stand for children’s rooms or Linon’s Cliff Media Stand for family rooms.
Linon’s Cliff Media Stand

If you have a lot of electronics, I recommend getting a unit that conceals unsightly cords and unused components.  Coventry’s Large TV Console is great for housing both a lot of different electronics and a collection of DVDs or CDs.  It also provides closed storage and does not expose everything you’re housing.

Coventry Large TV Console

Now that you have selected size and style, the next step is to select finish.  Do you choose a painted piece, wood, or metal stand?  In general, I prefer a wood or painted piece to house electronics.  According to feng shui, a natural material like these will help diffuse the technological energy of what it’s storing.   If you are set on a metal stand, select one that is slim in shape and more modern than futuristic in feel.

With so many choices of media stands and styles, go shopping with guidelines and you’ll be less likely to go wrong.

— Betsy Head

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