Moving Furniture Made Easy

Whether you are planning a big move or simply looking to rearrange and move different pieces of furniture from one room of the house to another, the handling and maneuvering of large pieces can turn into a headache, but with the below few tips and suggestions for tackling this project, this task may turn out better than you planned.

  1. Know exactly where you want the piece of furniture to end up. Determine what area of the room you need to move it to.

  2. If the piece is very large, you may want to break it down, but be sure to save all the pieces and know exactly how to reassemble it.

  3. Lift the piece of furniture where it is the strongest and most sturdy. Lifting from areas that are weak can potential cause harm to you and the piece of furniture.

  4. Plan out the route you will be taking to move the furniture. Remove any small tables, light fixtures, and other items that can easily be damaged get in the way of the move.

  5. Designate one person to guide those who are moving the furniture to ensure the route is safe and easily accessible.

The proper handling and care of your furniture is important both before and after any move. For the money you invest in your pieces of furniture, you want to be able to enjoy them for many years before they can be retired. For any recent movers or those who enjoy rearranging their furniture, what tips and suggestions would you tack onto this list?

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