Do You Rearrange the Furniture?

We love hearing about cool things that involve furniture, and recently in USA Today, a story was run on how people who often find themselves in hotel rooms during the holiday season end up rearranging the furniture in order to make their stays more enjoyable. From feng shui to finding better outlet access, the reasons why we move furniture in hotel rooms are often very interesting and dynamic – and perfect for reading up on if you’re planning on staying in a hotel for the holidays. Be sure to check out the story here.

Speaking of hotels, share some of your experiences with us! Do you ever rearrange the furniture in your hotel room, even if you’re just staying over night? Do you rearrange it to make it seem more like home? To get better access to outlets? To personalize your workspace? Has the hotel ever complained about your decorating changes? We want to know!

Furniture arranging can be a lot of fun at home, but we never though so many would do it on the go!

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