Marc Newson – Designer Extraordinaire!

One name that frequently crops up in conjunction with innovative design awards is Marc Newson. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1963, he is now a world-wide designer of renown. His style is referred to as biomorphism and if you have seen any of his designs you will understand the term. His furniture styles use smooth, flowing lines with a complete lack of edges or straight lines, and we are talking about chairs here! His 1988 iconic Embryo Chair does follow the shape of an embryo, and it won him many awards.

 Such is Newson’s fame, he was listed in Time magazine’s ‘100 most influential people of the year’ in 2005. He designed the cabin of the ‘Sky Jet’ which will take fee-paying passengers into space in 2012. He is also known for designing Ikepod watches. The emphasis is upon design intelligence rather than gratuitous ornamentation, and the dashboard-style dials seem to be a winner. Although he is best-known for his chair designs, including the business class seats in Quantas airport lounges and airplanes, he has also put his name to cookware by Tefal, bags for Samsonite and bicycles for Biomega.

 His designs continue to demand ever-higher prices as his original furniture designs were sold at auction in London recently for almost a million dollars. At the Design Fair in Miami, his 12 Chop Top Tables were sold out in minutes – at $170,000 each!

 If you see his name, checkout his designs. Although they are funkily futuristic, they are also technically superior. You may not be able to afford his tables and chairs, but commonplace household appliances are well within reach. Own a little piece of history and a design of excellence with a Marc Newson design.


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