Let There Be Light!

Lighting is a huge component of home décor and as an interior decorator in your home, you’ve got to know the basics. Lighting your spaces doesn’t have to be challenging. With a few of these tips and guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to setting the right mood with your lighting while still keeping up a functional space. To start out with, here are things that you must consider when designing your lighting:

1. Natural light coming in. Take notice of your doors and windows and see what light occurs naturally in your space. Try to compliment it with other fixtures or lamps

2. Color or temperature of light. This is key for setting the mood. Different temperatures will convey different atmospheres and usually, the rule of thumb is that the warmer the light color, the warmer the atmosphere.

3. Type of interior lighting. This consideration will guide you through what interior lighting you’ll need in your space, as well as your desired result.

4. Fixtures. What fixtures will best suit your budget and your home? What sense of style will they convey? Do they tie the space together? Are they functional as well as beautiful? Ask yourself these questions when picking them out.

5. Placement. This is going to be key. Think about where exactly you’re going to put your lighting and what spaces need to be accommodated for your needs. For example, do you need more light in your workspace? Would you rather have softer lighting in your reading nook?

Stay tuned for more lighting tips to come!

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