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Larger-Than-Life White Suspension Lighting

I’ve often wondered what is missing in high ceiling homes. Yes, an elevated ceiling surface provides a sense of lofty calm in the interior environment, but does it really compare to the lifted feeling with the effect of a grandiose … Continue reading

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Change the Way Your Living Space Looks With Modern Area Rugs

The best thing about using area rugs for home decoration is that they are the quickest and easiest changes you can implement to revitalize and update your home. If you are still clueless about the right area rugs you can … Continue reading

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Boxy Beds of the Warm and Wooden Variety

We all adore the beauty of wooden design. For some of us, the crisp and clean lines of metal draw us in for the modern aesthetic we desire, but for others, the combination of wood and modern design finds true … Continue reading

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Small Space Décor – Make Small Spaces Appear Large with Four Easy Ideas

Since a lot of furniture or decoration cannot be added to a small room, it usually gets tough to select the right furniture type for small space décor. It is indeed challenging to create an open and airy atmosphere in … Continue reading

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Green and Refreshing Residential Design

There are plenty of ways to bring your home up to modern-day green standards without knocking down walls to meet those of LEED. Instead, go for simple plants in state-of-the-art planter or hanging terrarium designs – or if you have … Continue reading

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Nestle Into a Rounded Chair Design

Rounded backrests in chairs create the warmth of dinner in a booth with friends on a chilly winter night, except for you and yourself alone. Whether you curl up into the new lounge chair of the Portofino Collection by Paul … Continue reading

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Inventive Storage Solutions that Dress Up the Bedroom

After waltzing through furniture stores and online furniture design companies, the endless array of plain dressers is enough to have us opting for a design based solely on wood finish. Stand up against the oversimplified, mass-manufactured pieces for the sake … Continue reading

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Unique Wall Hangings from Rugs

Are you ever browsing online at your favorite furniture shop and can’t help but check out the rugs? You’re always finding gorgeous designs but don’t seem to have the right place to put them? It’s time to buy those designs … Continue reading

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Mixing Metals for an Eclectic Decor

Mixing metals in décor is a trend we are seeing more and more. Say goodbye to the days of matching everything in a room. Think of silver with gold in the bedroom, chrome and brass in the kitchen and copper … Continue reading

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The Original Emeco Navy Chair

The Mighty Emeco Navy Chair.  Here a friend snapped a picture at Crumbs Bakery at the Newark Airport. Light weight, made to last a lifetime, and timeless design. Dont forget to check out our volume discounts when you make your … Continue reading

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